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relational intelligence

Relational intelligence is the cognitive ability to learn, understand, and comprehend knowledge as it relates to interpersonal relationships. The more relationally intelligent we become, the more we will be enabled to demonstrate increased love, kindness, respect, and trust in every relationship in our lives. Relational Intelligence will inevitably elevate our ability to influence and lead others.

Appreciation of Relational Intelligence can be transformational in the life of a leader who desires to understand more deeply the intrinsic value of life’s stakeholders and explore with honesty, and ruthless compassion to become more aware of unexamined beliefs, and more committed to develop powerful and enduring relationships. It starts with being interested in what relational stakeholders need to win in any situation. When your stakeholders win through your intervention, they feel elevated in your presence.

who are your stakeholders and what do they need to win?

Stakeholders make up a company. They include all the people who impact and are impacted by a business. We must honor them as people first before treating them according to the role they happen to be playing. They all contribute to the creation of value, and it is therefore vital that they share fairly in the distribution of that value. (Mackey, John. Conscious Capitalism) Stakeholders include:

  1.  Customers
  2.  Team Members
  3.  Suppliers and Vendors
  4.  Investors
  5.  Community
  6.  The Environment
  7.  Competitors
  8.  Activists and Critics
  9.  Unions
  10.  Media
  11.  Government