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The Empathinko Personality Colours (EPC) is a powerful tool that allows individuals and managers to gain an understanding of the reactive personality style and default preferences of individuals and groups.

To conduct an individual personality profile you will need to become an INDIVIDUAL member by signing up in the section for INDIVIDUALS on the member’s page. The cost of an individual Empathinko Personality Colours profile is ten dollars, payable in advance. You will recieve information on your: strengths, limitations, characteristics, areas for growth, putting yourself at risk, goals, how you judge others, how you influence others, behaviours you overuse, your default fears, how you can increase effectiveness, strategies to improve performance and your leadership style.

When you have registered, paid and completed the personality profile you will recieve your results. These results will include:

  1. A summary of the personality type your score indicates you may be and three other comparitive personality styles. (DiSC, PRISM and Deloittes Business Chemistry)
  2. This Type’s Strengths
  3. This Type’s Limitations
  4. This Type’s General Characteristics
  5. This Type’s Areas for Growth
  6. How this Type Judges Others
  7. How this Type Influences Others
  8. Characteristics this Type Overuses
  9. How this Type Reacts Under Pressure
  10. This Type Fears
  11. How this Type can Increase Effectiveness
  12. How this Type can Improve Performance
  13. This Type’s Leadership Style
  14. How to Team-Build with Other Types

If you are dissatisfied at all with the result we have a money-back guarantee.

To conduct a group personality profile for all members of your group you will need to become a GROUP member by signing up in the section for GROUP accounts on the member’s page. The cost of a GROUP Empathinko Personality Colours profile is US$10.00 ten dollars per person you register to be included in the,¬†profile result, payable in advance. You will be refunded for any person who doesn’t participate in the group profile.

  1. Create your member’s list first.
  2. Once you have done that there is then an email pop-up that you can populate with your personalised message that gets sent to all members of your group.
  3. If you don’t add your members first, you will have to write your email message a second time.
  4. You will be notified by email as each of your group’s members completes the personality profile.
  5. In that email you will recieve a link to an in-depth report on each of your group members. This report will include a description of;
    • Their Strengths,
    • Their Limitations,
    • Their General Characteristics,
    • Their Areas for Growth,
    • Your Behaviours to Increase Effectiveness with Them,
    • How to Delegate to Them,
    • How They Put Themselves at Risk,
    • Their Default Fears,
    • How They can Disrupt Teamwork,
    • Their Time Management,
    • What Type of Leader They Respond Best to,
    • Their Ideal Environment,
    • How You Can Reach Out to Them,
    • How They like to Follow Leaders,
    • Behaviours that Stress Them
    • How Best to Coach Them.

You will also recieve a Group Culture report in your Group login profile which lists the unconscious bias of your group’s thinking, and outlines behaviours that you can encourage them to take on to become more effective and emotionally intelligent.

Click on this link for instructions to conduct GROUP SURVEYS