A yellow Personality

The hallmarks of a YELLOW culture are an energetic atmosphere, an optimistic approach, and plenty of time spent in meetings and socializing. This culture values effective teamwork and creative approaches to problems. Trust is given to those who are open and expressive. People who excel in this setting tend to be charismatic individuals with keen social skills. However, those who are not as people-oriented, may be frustrated with the emphasis on group activities and social niceties. In addition, poor planning and low tolerance for routine tasks may sometimes prevent such a culture from actually implementing any bold ideas.



The Yellow types love people, and thrive on being where the action is. Long on ideas and short on follow-through, the yellow type leads by dealing with others in an upbeat way. Fast-paced, energetic and outgoing, the yellow types innate belief is: If others show that they like me, I will follow them.

What Excites Them

More than any of the other three types, Yellows seek admiration and acceptance. They also want to make work fun. Generally speaking, Yellow types love to talk. If you don’t talk about them, they may spend considerable time talking about their favourite subject; themselves. They are fun to be around.

Greatest Strengths

Yellows are enthusiastic, playfull and persuasive. They show their feelings openly and often. They have a vast network of contacts and associates, who they can call on at a moments notice to help. They are highly intuitive and come up with lots of ideas. They judge those ideas by whether they feel right and then persuade others to get aboard their ideas bus. They are very expressive and can say too much to the wrong people at times.


Yellows sometimes display the attention span of a flashbulb especially when stressed. They tend to speak before thinking. Easily bored, and always needing new stimulation, Yellow types may make big decisions based on scant data. They love ideas but hate the routine of putting them into practice. Often they start projects and then look to someone else to finish them. Or, they will start so many projects at once and be faced with an impossible deluge of deadlines.

Greatest Fear

Yellow types crave approval more than achievement, so they are much more people focused in their decision making. Yellows see themselves as “Big-Picture” people, and prefer to avoid a lot of detail or specifics. Planning and follow-through are not enough fun to be high priorities for Yellow types. Deep down the yellow type wants companionship and recognition from their companions.


Negativity is one of the greatest stressors of the Yellow type, so be aware that you need to be positive and upbeat to deal with Yellows. Deadlines: As much as possible let the Yellow type define the deadlines, and be flexible. Get your plan ready and be ready to deliver on short notice. Paperwork. Wherever possible have your people take care of the paperwork, as you are setting yourself up for failure if you wait for a Yellow to get the paperwork to you.