The hallmarks of a GREEN culture are quality, accuracy, and order. Such a culture values high standards, careful analysis, and diplomacy. This group prides itself on getting perfect results. The group is cynical towards new ideas, and trust usually has to be earned. Members are often loyal but only to those they respect. The culture values punctual, hardworking, and dependable members. The group, however, may miss opportunities because it spends so much time researching and analysing. It may resist growth for fear of lowering its standards.

Working With Green Types

Concerned With Accuracy

Green types would rather be completely right rather than quick. They cherish efficiency, logic and accuracy. Green types are the most cerebral of the four types. They are serious, analytical and have long-term goals.

What Excites Them

The fact-oriented Green types pride themselves on their logic being meticulous. They like having correct procedures in place. They want to know in detail how things work, so they can carefully and objectively evaluate all scenarios and problems. Green attempt to avoid embarrassment by controlling themselves and their environment.

Greatest Strengths

Green types greatest strength is their high quality work. They are accurate, dependable, independent, thorough and well organized.  Greens study problems intently, follow through and deliver efficiently. Although they are considered a little aloof, they are very close to a few key friends.


Green types are bound by policies and procedures and can easily get bogged down in the detail. They will consistently refer to the guidelines, regulations or the rules. They need to have clear boundaries and timelines set, otherwise their pursuit for perfection will consume them and their time-lines will blow out.

Greatest Fear

The greatest fear of the Green type is being misunderstood or wrong and being criticized for the quality of their work. Green types want rationality and order, and one of their greatest irritations is disorganized, illogical, conceptual people. They need time to finish their work without mistakes and time constraints, plus pushy aggressive people, cause great fear in this personality type.


Green types can be nit-picking perfectionists. Paralysis by overanalysis can result which is a major cause of stress, both for themselves and others working with them. Their sense of organization can become compulsive, and they prefer to plan everything even spontaneity. They can also obsess over frugality and get bogged down over finding the last cent in their calculations.